a lista da joui

1. Find a way to live closer/with my Boy
2. Walk the Way of St. James, the french trail
3. Go to Canada
4. Visit Rita in Amsterdam
5. Develop the b&w films that I've been piling up
6. Go to Museu da Imagem
7. Visit Isa in Sardinia
8. Do an Interrail, even if a small one
9. Read the Umberto Eco books I've been meaning to read for ages (0/3)
10. Finish reading D. Quijote de la Mancha
11. Bake and sell 20 pies, cakes or batches of biscuits (0/20)
12. Use up a whole film with pictures of weird things in the streets
13. Get myself a real digital camera
14. Climb the Minas dos Carris trail once more
15. Knit a jumper
16. Finish Camila's blanket
17. Achieve 100 camp nights badge at Scouts
18. Make a quilt
19. Build a 5000 piece puzzle
20. Fix my cello
21. Buy 5 new pieces of music and play them
22. Learn to make quince cheese with my grandma
23. Learn to make dairy products in the country with real shepherds
24. Make 10 plain tote bags and stamp nice stuff on them (0/10)
25. Make hair braids at the beach or festivals in the Summer
26. Help building houses at the Habitat Association
27. Read Memory & Music
28. Pass the Cambridge Certificate of Proficiency in English exam
29. Learn how to cross process
30. Put my photos in a handmade photoalbum
31. Learn to speak a new language
32. Do First Aid training
33. Learn to cook seafood
34. Take part in a grape harvest
35. Take part in a maize harvest
36. Learn how to plant vegetables in a vegetable garden
37. Be a tourist in Braga
38. Be a tourist in Porto
39. Be a tourist in Lisbon
40. Visit the 10 Portuguese Historic Villages (0/10)
41. Learn how to make paper
42. Write a tale with Jo
43. Apply for a place in a lab in Montréal
44. Learn how to cook Arroz de Pato (Duck Rice)
45. Walk the Alentejo Coast and get to know its villages
46. Watch 10 classic portuguese movies (4/10)
47. Pay off my debts
48. Read Andy Field's book
49. Learn how to use picture and music editing software
50. Make 10 handmade Christmas gifts and give them on time (0/10)
51. Donate blood 4 times (0/4)
52. Sign up as a bone marrow donator
53. Learn how to and create a website
54. Take my sister to visit a different city
55. Surprise 5 different people (0/5)
56. Make a scrapbook
57. Listen to the most important works of 10 different composers in the history of Jazz (0/10)
58. Make fruit jam
59. Go snowboarding (went skiing!)
60. Plant strawberries
61. Plant aromatic herbs: parsley, coriander, basil, marjoram
62. Go to Andanças
63. Bake three kinds of bread (0/3)
64. Learn how to make Folar da Páscoa in a wood fired oven
65. Get myself a bike to ride around in Braga
66. Make friendship bracelets for 20 people (0/20).
67. Get my driver's license
68. Learn how to juggle
69. Send 100 postcrossing postcards (10/100)
70. Send 25 postcards from different places to my friends who live far away (0/25)
71. Walk in high heel shoes once in my life
72. Sponsor a needy child
73. Read "Rovering to Success" by Baden-Powell
74. Make a sténopé
75. Go to Exeter and find old friends
76. Make 5 t-shirts to offer (0/5)
77. Backup my hard disk
78. See Radiohead live
79. Take a photography classes
80. Write Chloé a letter
81. Learn a martial art
82. Make merengue
83. Read Malabou's book and watch her conference
84. Read 25 books from here or here from my selection (4/25)
85. Throw together a recipe book
86. Make a patchwork sack
87. Be Amiga-da-Velha (Velha-a-Branca @ Braga)
88. Go to a massage workshop
89. Watch 15 plays (0/15)
90. Get to know 10 traditional music groups (10/10)
91. Cut my hair short
92. Do an Intrarrail in Portugal
93. Do humanitarian aid in a different country
94. Have a BMI=21
95. Swim 1500m in one session, and make them regular (min. 8 times - 1/8)
96. Go to Paris
97. Build 10 papier-maché things (0/10)
98. Make a b&w photo composition
99. Visit Rita and Cati in Granada
100. Be a member of Bomboémia
101. Organize 4 activities with Psychology Students' Association (4/4)

8 comentários:

Anónimo disse...

OOOHHH gosto tanto!!!gosto dos dairy products e das tote bags, tótel!!!

Anónimo disse...

Finalmente! ;)
Gosto. Vou repetir pela terceira vez algumas coisas na minha lista :)

cati disse...

voces estao me a dar vontade de fazer uma lista também!!! esta linda joui!! gosto especialmente do 99... eheh

joui disse...

oh rita, vais-te visitar em amesterdão?
e tu, cati? tb estás com vontade de te visitar?! ;)

ana disse...


toca a começar a riscar coisas dessa lista! e mandar muitos postais!

rita disse...

sim, eu também quero visitar-me em Granada! e sim, tou farta de pensar que também tenho de fazer a minha lista! eheh, numero 1 da minha lista: fazer a minha lista!... saudades!

isa disse...

Donna di obIettivi:)
No k puder ajudar.. ja aprendi outra lingua.. tu k ja vais nas 5, tens uma semana:P

Para ca vires, tens mais de meio ano.

I LOVE YOU disse...