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Musical Heritage and National Identity in Uzbekistan;

‘This Drum I Play’: Women and Square Frame Drums in Portugal and Spain;

Music, Memory and History;

Learning to perform as a research technique in ethnomusicology;

The Jewish service in Communist Hungary: a personal journey;

‘I Take My Dombra and Sing to Remember my Homeland’: Identity, Landscape and Music in Kazakh Communities of Western Mongolia;

‘So: ragged woman’ The aesthetics and ethics of skilled action among Nepal’s Yolmo Buddhists;

Musical Structure, Performance and Meaning: the Case of a Stick-Dance from Nepal;

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joui disse...

i sing to remember my homeland
que bonito
sabias que há variações musicais que numa cultura são tristes, mas noutras são sentidas como felizes?

e são as mesmas variações de frequências sonoras?